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Addressing Record Breaking Cyberattacks in Schools

In this whitepaper, we take a deep dive into the state of cybersecurity in educational institutions, why they are targeted, what threats they face and what can be done to protect schools and universities.

Why SMBs are Targets for Cyberattacks

This whitepaper investigates what’s driving these attacks, what threats SMBs face, what the consequences are and what companies can do to protect themselves and their businesses.

Keeping Your Network Safe in a Hybrid Work Model

Hybrid work is here to say, but many don’t realize the hidden cybersecurity threats involved. Learn about the risks and how you can protect your network as employees rotate in and out of the office.

Reduce the Financial Impact of Data Breaches to Your Business

To combat cyber attacks, security professionals and IT Departments are implementing more detection and containment methodologies over preventative measures.

Leading Your Business through the COVID-19 Crisis

This white paper outlines key steps businesses can take to support employees, maintain critical functions, and assess how to continue providing goods and services for their customers.

The Art of Avoiding a Phishing Attack

This whitepaper details the history of phishing and best practices you can take to protect yourself and your business.

Ransomware: Recent Attacks & Cost

Learn about the evolution of ransomware, the different types of ransomware, and how you can prepare and protect your network from the ransomware attacks we see today.

Moving to the Public Cloud

In order to achieve seamless network security and management across dispersed locations, organizations have turned to the public cloud and firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS).

Best Practices for Geolocation by IP

What is geolocation by IP? Read this whitepaper to learn about geolocation by IP, the pros and cons, and how you can make geolocation by IP work for you.

Risks Versus Benefits of BYOD and Open Wi-Fi for SMB

This whitepaper outlines the potential risks and benefits when embracing BYOD and open Wi-Fi, as well as best practices for your business.

Safeguarding Your Network From IoT Devices

Learn about the recent IoT trend and how it affects small businesses, the risks associated with IoT devices brought onto the network, and best practices to lock down IoT devices.

How Cyber Threat Intelligence Safeguards Against Today’s Threat Landscape

Learn how cyber threat intelligence like Untangle’s ScoutIQTM can go beyond traditional antivirus to proactively defend against the emerging threats.

Addressing the Shortcomings of SSL Encryption

SSL encryption may not be as secure as you think. Learn about the problems with SSL encryption and the solutions you can implement in this whitepaper.

Student Data Privacy: Protecting What’s Important

Learn what laws are in place to protect student privacy, how the rise in online learning creates more data collection and sharing, and best practices to ensure student data stays private

Managing IoT in Higher Education

Learn about the recent attacks targeting colleges and universities, how to manage bandwidth for educational purposes, and tips to protect the network from the threats posed by IoT devices.

Why Legacy Web Filters Don’t Work For Schools

Learn how a next generation web filter can actually improve network performance, ensuring critical access to online curriculum, testing and more.

Finding the Balance: CIPA Web Filtering for K-12

Learn about the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and how administrators can provide appropriately filtered internet access to students, teachers and staff.

Network Security Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations must employ high-quality network management solutions to comply with data management, governance and security requirements.

Government Mandate Drives Need for Better Network Solutions

This whitepaper details types of solutions to look for to improve service quality and delivery as well as protect sensitive data.

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework

This whitepaper explains the NIST CSF Framework, new updates and adoption rates of the framework, and how small agencies can implement the framework without breaking the bank.

State & Local Governments: Protect Your Network

This whitepaper details the largest government breaches to date, challenges government agencies face and steps to take to start securing your network.

Open Wi-Fi Challenges for Public Institutions

his whitepaper details the challenges public institutions face and provides simple tips they can take to improve network security.

Cybersecurity for Risk Mitigation in Financial Services

As hackers and attacks become more sophisticated, it is crucial the financial services industry take appropriate actions to safeguard their systems, as well as their customers.

Keeping Security Up-To-Date in the Financial World

Hackers are targeting financial institutions and fooling employees with phishing scams. Read this whitepaper to find out what you can do to protect your customers’ sensitive data.

Balancing Security and Accessibility with Compliance in the Healthcare Sector

This whitepaper outlines the problems the healthcare industry is currently facing and what network administrators can do to protect their networks.

Connectivity in the Hospitality Industry

Find out what the hospitality industry can do to better provide fast, reliable, secure and always available Wi-Fi in hotels, restaurants and other public venues.

Internet of Things at Home

Is your home network protected from IoT devices? This whitepaper details the rising risks of IoT devices and what you can do to secure your home network and these devices.